About Us

When you read a newspaper in the Oxford Hills area, you mostly read about the towns within. The Viking Voices is more than just the towns. We cover all the stories that happen here at OHCHS. From recycling to foreign exchange students, to cafeteria food to chess club, we’ve got it all. So if you care about your school, or you just want to know what’s new, then you should hear our Viking Voices. They may surprise you.

  1. Vicki Vogel says:

    I am the liason between Norway Downtown and the high school. My goal is to help the students obtain their community service hours by volunteering with us. I was wondering if you could put a paragraph in your paper for me. We have the norway downtown easther festival approching. We are in need of volunteers April 23 from 9:30-1:30. All that is required of the students is show up. They can contact me , Vicki Vogel @ advic@roadrunner.com or 207-743-5928.
    I hope you can do this. Thanks.
    Vicki Vogel (Jacob’s mom)

  2. Crystal Twitchell says:

    Hello All; Former Writer for the Viking Voices, 2003-2004 Edition.
    Looked thru your articles….it’s definately gotten better format-wise in the years past.
    Keep up the Good Work Team, best of luck in your futures.
    I am looking forward to seeing more articles on student-body activities.
    Class of ’04
    Crystal Twitchell
    I remember when Moccia was just ONE of our Assistant Principals! Look where the time goes!!!:)

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