The Start of Something New

Posted: 03/29/2011 by typelle19 in OHCHS Life, Sports
Indonesian High School Students play ping-pong

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Schools around the world have a wide varieties of after-school activities, from sports to chess to larking. Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School offers a pretty wide variety of clubs and sports already, but the staff is always up for students coming up with new ideas and starting new clubs. That’s just what two juniors, Joel Doherty and Max Brown, are wanting to do. They have an activity in mind in which is fun and which will draw pretty big crowds. This activity is called table tennis or ping pong.

Ping pong has been around for ages, and has even had its own professional stage. The sport was featured in one of the most widely known movies in America, Forrest Gump. The main character, Gump, became a ping-pong champion after being injured in the war. He fell in love with the sport and quickly picked up the essentials of the game. In the movie, he could beat everyone.

“This sport is really fun and would hopefully get a bunch of people together, where they could meet new people and improve their skills,” comments Doherty, one of the juniors who is working on this. Says his friend, Brown, “The intensity of the game and it being not that hard to learn is the best thing about it.”

The Ping Pong Club is something they want to start as soon as possible. What’s stopping this is the lack of a counselor or coach. If you’re interested in helping the group out, get in touch with either Mr, Moccia or the two students who want this club to be an official activity at OHCHS.


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