Winter Carnival Fun Week

Posted: 02/16/2011 by clewis12 in Events, OHCHS Life

by Crissy Lewis

This year’s 2011 Winter Carnival is coming up fast. On Friday February 18th the fun begins for students and teachers to gain and form relationships outside of the academic classroom. The day is filled with workshops, carnival time, and pep rallies. Workshops range from basketball to guitar hero, to Tye-dye to skiing and ice fishing and much more. Tommy Vee the Hypnotist will be joining us again and as one of the three major changes for this year’s Winter Carnival, everyone will be able to see the hypnotist and be able to take part in workshops. Winter Carnival excitement builds during the week of fun themes for each day.

On the days leading up to Winter Carnival there are themes concerning what to wear.  Monday is monochrome day, Tuesday is Tye dye, Wednesday is plaid, and Thursday is sports team/jerseys day. On Friday students and staff wear their designated class colors. Hats are allowed that day as well. Freshman will be green, sophomores blue, juniors red, seniors black and faculty and staff gray. The day pep will be packed with color and energy.

It will be even more fun with the inflatable obstacle course. Popcorn and snow cones will be a nice treat to have during the day, and the pep rally will allow all students to let out all their energy. The Pep Rally relay race has new challenges with it and this year calligraphy is one of the new workshops you can choose to do. The morning Pep Rally will be a fun way to kick off the day. The Kiss the Viking and Tug of War games always entertain all. Later in the afternoon, we will be having a second Pep Rally where the graduating class of 2011 will walk into the gym.

Students love to compete and there will be tons of contests going on including arm wrestling, pie eating, air band, Chilli cook offs, tug of war, and much more.

To finish off Winter Carnival, on Saturday February 19th there will be the Winter Carnival Dance. The theme of the dance is Las Vegas. Students can dress up “all snazzy.” The dance will be held in the gym from 7pm-10pm. Admission will be $7.

  1. Tyler Pelletier says:

    I like the “all snazzy” part. Good job Crissy! Oh, and by the way, i love the picture. I wonder who that is…

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