School Board Meets

Posted: 01/04/2011 by abbyshanor in News
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School Meeting

by Abby Shanor

Cathy Scribner from Otisfield Elementary was congratulated by Superintendant Rick Colpits, along with the rest of the school board, for being selected as staff member of the month, at Monday night’s SAD 17 school board meeting.

They board also recognized Kayla McMichael, Lacey Ryder, Forrest Kugell, and Emily Kist as high school students of the month.

A large portion of the meeting was dedicated to the “Cluster Model” which was created to help save the SAD 17 district money, and make things more efficient. Colpits explained how the model exceeded saving estimations by $49,000, with a total savings of $657,523.

The cluster model was effective in increasing class sizes, integrating 5th and 6th graders, exceeding budget savings, continuing to operate schools, and maintaining specialist programs (art, music, library, guidance, physical education) for K-6.

Although the Cluster Model has been successful in many aspects, there are still some areas the board struggles with. For example, the issue of having buses arrive on time still remains.

The board also would like to find a way to be more supportive of the Gifted/Talented programs, as well as music and adaptive physical education.

Audience member Tim Luff shared with the board that the district  received a letter from the state commending them on their special education program, and received meets on all the standards on their annual report card.


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