Best Part Is Eating

Posted: 01/04/2011 by abbyshanor in OHCHS Life

“My favorite part of making cookies is eating them!” explains Oxford Hills preschooler Nicholas Clough. 

On December 16, The Early Childhood Education program (ECE) at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School (OHCHS) expanded their normal classroom boundaries into the larger school, to make gingerbread cookies in the Culinary Arts kitchen.The ECE room is just like any other preschool, complete with their own kitchen, play areas, and bathroom, so they normally have no need to leave that area. This made the children even more excited, because they got to explore new parts of the building. Before heading to Culinary, the eager children gathered for their circle time, where they discussed rules and directions, but they were far too excited to pay any attention.

The excited children and their teachers, who are OHCHS students,took a walking field trip down to the Culinary Arts kitchen, to make gingerbread cookies. This is an ECE/Culinary tradition that has been going on for years. It’s one of the few occasions where two Technical Programs at OHCHS work together.

Scandinavian-style ginger thins.

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“Culinary always enjoys working with the kids in making cookies.” says Culinary teacher Frank Maccarrone.

The Culinary students prepared gingerbread dough, so when the children arrived they could start right in on cookie cutting. The ECE instructors, Deb LaFrance and Genivieve Ricard, supplied the children with various sprinkles, raisins, and gumdrops for the children to decorate their cookies.

Preschooler Kate Belanger shares that her favorite part was “decorating the gingerbread people to make them look like my family”.

When finished, the children returned to their preschool and continued their day with play time and lunch, as they waited for the Culinary students to return their baked cookies, and the children got to take the ones they made home.

  1. Tamara says:

    This is a really cute story. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Jaclyn Dufresne says:

    i thought that was so cute that the culanary arts let the preschool kids come cook with them. The story made me smile and laugh because it was so cute of the preschool kids to come in and make the gingerbread cooks and but all kind of candy on them.

  3. Kristen says:

    I thought it was good because i like little children and it was good to read about kids.

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