How to Get a Date with a Hunk

Posted: 12/20/2010 by typelle19 in Events, OHCHS Life
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December 9th wasn’t your average Thursday. At Oxford Hills,  some handsome guys were put up for sale. These guys weren’t just your average homeboys. They were chosen for one reason: they were the most desirable men in the school. The winning bidder did not get to own a man. Instead she got a date.

The men who were sold were seniors Alex Hardy, Spenser Morse, Chris Alberi, Kurt Kilgore, Bret Stuart, Matt Farnum, and Andy Ripley; sophomore Conner Beebe; and freshman Ben Bowie. The festivities were run by seniors Kate Mann and Chelsea Gould for their senior project. All the proceeds ended up going to Christmas for Teens.

The night went well. Sam Feely was the announcer for the event. He spoke quickly, just like a real auctioneer.

Alex Hardy commented, “I felt mine was really quick. Nikki Surette bid like 20 and then it was over. . . . It was really fun and a couple guys were bought by one person multiple times.”

The movie “The Killers” was included in the event , as was a meal cooked by Levi Gloden. On the menu was spaghetti and cupcakes. The biding only lasted about a half hour. Eating took around 45 minutes. The whole event was about 3 ½ hours in length.

Over $100 was earned by the event. Another event like this is planned for the future. So if you’re looking for a date with one of the most desirable men at OHCHS, watch for another “Go on a Date with a Hunk.”


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