Mystery Box

Posted: 11/19/2010 by clewis12 in News

by Crissy Lewis

Have you seen a big, colorful box and what looks like a TV in the halls lately? If you have, you might wonder what it is and why it’s there. It turns out that box with TV in it is the OHCHS Kiosk, the place to go for information about OHCHS Tech Programs.

Graphic Arts and Design teacher, Ms. Valdes says what looks like a TV is actually a computer with a touch screen. The Building and Trades Program built the structure and Ms. Valdes’ Graphics and Design class did the graffiti. The computer system was designed and created by Stephanie Grover’s Electronics class. The Graphics students are building website which will soon be live on the screen.

This Kiosk was made for the Tech Program as a promotional piece. It’s supposed to allow students who are walking around the school an easy way to get information about programs in the Tech School. The website will include details about offerings, credits and what the Tech Program is all about. You can think of this as an electronic version of the school handbook, except unlike the handbook, you can look the Tech Program classes with a click of a bottom or a touch of a screen.  As you can see by This Kiosk is just one of many projects being created by Tech School students.

  1. cody says:

    it a good idea to help the sudents to learn more about the program

  2. Tayla says:

    This is really cool article about the mystery box.

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