Gubernatorial Candidates Travel By Satellite

Posted: 10/28/2010 by gemme2011 in Events, News
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By Elizabeth Gemme

Wednesday October 27th history teacher, Mr. Long and his students hosted Oxford Hills’ Gubernatorial Forum. This was a first time for the community to put on this kind of election event, and although the class didn’t receive the kind of crowd they were hoping for, it was a great way to help educate the many high school students who did attend.

Before the debate began, member of Mr. Long’s class, Kait Mann, gave a few welcoming words to the audience and some information about the schedule for the evening. Shortly after 7:00pm the debate, which was actually begin held in the Bangor High School, was underway. At this time, an online chat became live for all viewers so they could discuss their feelings on the issue. (

As the debate started, the Oxford Hills forum began filling with recognizable faces; OHCHS  graduates and students took seats. When asked why some of these alumnae decided to attend the broadcasting, a student replied, “I can vote now. I want to know what I’m voting for.”

Although the debate wasn’t successful in drawing the large crowd it had hoped for, it was able to give bring the participants face-to-face with the weighty decision they would be making the following week.


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