OHCHS Students Become Real-Life Journalists

Posted: 10/26/2010 by Chomela in News, PRESS
34/365 -

Image by BLW Photography via Flickr

by Pamela Chodosh

This past Tuesday, the journalism students at OHCHS learned what being a reporter is all about. The students whose stories appear here on Viking Voices were asked by the Sun Journal to interview people about their vote on the casino. Armed with official Sun Journal press passes, flip cameras and notebooks, our students hovered expectantly by the exit doors at the fire station polls in Norway and Oxford. These young reporters experienced a full range of response to their question, “Which way did you vote on the casino?”

Though many people were happy to comment, but not happy to have their comments videotaped, and others refused to answer before the question was completely posed, there were a few brave souls who allowed the students to record their answers and their names.

The students collected a total of 8 videos, which were later uploaded to the Sun Journal’s private YouTube channel in preparation for editing. Scott Thistle, a former OHCHS graduate who is now an editor at the Sun Journal, is assembling the videos and the many interviews transcribed into a story or “bucket.” You can read this story here. We are hoping to do other projects with the Sun Journal, an association which will prove very beneficial to both the paper and our OHCHS journalists.


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