Oxford Hills First Non-Profit Fair

Posted: 10/15/2010 by gemme2011 in News

by Elizabeth Gemme

Wednesday, October 20th, Oxford Hills will host its’ first ever Non-Profit Fair from 8:30am to 12:30pm. The exhibits will begin outside the Forum and end near the Main Office.

The main idea for this event is to give Seniors creative ideas for their Senior Project, which is a requirement for graduation. This event is not just for seniors, but sophomores and freshmen as well. Starting with the class of 2013, 20 hours of community service is another graduation requirement. This fair will be able to offer many ideas to all students no matter the circumstance.

The organizer of the Non-Profit Fair, English teacher, Mr. Brewster Burns, hopes this will “lead to something positive for the school, our students and the community.” This will be the first time Oxford Hills has put on an event such as this, so don’t miss it.

Senior Project will make me bald

Image by Brandon Cirillo via Flickr

Scheduling for the Non-Profit Fair will be as follows:

During CBA- Seniors and advisors
Period 2- Freshmen and Sophomore classes
Period 3- Freshmen and Sophomore classes
*open access for all students during lunches and study halls


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