Oxford Hills Students Travel To China

Posted: 10/14/2010 by gemme2011 in News
The Great Wall of China

Image by Steve Webel via Flickr

This spring Oxford Hills High School teacher, Mr. Craig Blanchard, will be taking a group of high school students to the country of China, for the third time since he began teaching at OHCHS. The number traveling ranges between ten to twelve students and up to four chaperones, counting Blanchard.

The cost of this two-week trip, which begins on April 9th and ending the 23rd, is an estimated $3,000. Despite the cost there are plans to fundraise over the next few months. Mr. Blanchard hopes each student will raise about $1,000.

During the two-week trip the group will be visiting many places, including Bejing, X’ian, Chung-Di, and Shanghai. Students will spend two days staying with host families at Oxford Hills’ sister school, Zhejing Normal University High School. In the months leading up to their trip, students will be meeting periodically to become familiar with Chinese customs and language. Mr. Blanchard is aware of the students’ apprehension about being in a foreign school with new peers, but he also knows his students will learn a great deal.

Great Wall of China at JuYongGuan

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What is Mr. Blanchard’s biggest hope for this trip? That his students become not only more educated about China’s history and culture, but also more aware of the differences and similarities between this foreign place and their own home country, America. Says Mr. Blanchard “This will be a learning experience for everyone.”


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