Vikings Clip the Wings

Posted: 10/12/2010 by typelle19 in Sports

September 25, was a beautiful Saturday for some hard – knocking homecoming football. The match-up, our beloved Vikings against our rivals the Eagles of Mt. Ararat. Winless since our last regular season game against them, there was a lot of pressure mounting on our guys. The fact that it was homecoming didn’t help either. They responded to this pressure.

I sat down with George Turner, number 19, to get a little feed back on how the game all went down. The game plan was to control their best player, like any other team would do. The defense changed to a cover 5 for passing downs, and a base for running downs. The first half was a success, the Vikings jumping out to an early lead of 14 – 0, with our defense leading the way.

To the second half we go. The Eagles finally put some points on the board and the score 14 – 8. A couple of great defensive stops happened late and the Vikings hung on to clinch the win. The crowd went bananas! It was their first win of the season.

The Vikings also made some history, with this win, it being their first home win in four years and their first Homecoming win at home in seven! Also, Jordan Croteau had an amazing
game with 16 tackles. I see it fair to give him the Viking Player of the Game.

I heard nothing but excitement over the course of the weekend and still today, it’s heard in the halls with words like “I can’t believe we won!”

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Well believe it because there are many more to come. We are all very proud of our football team and can’t wait to see what they do next. So thanks to George Turner and good luck Vikings. Hope you can do it again.


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