A Change in Yearbook Leadership

Posted: 10/10/2010 by gemme2011 in News, Profiles

This year looks challenging for the Oxford Hills yearbook staff. In addition to the loss of veteran yearbook staff members, there has been a change in leadership.

After showing dedication to creating successful yearbooks, high school librarian, Mrs. St. John, has decided to resign her role and hand it to a math teacher at OHCHS, Mrs. Fox.


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Having had Mrs. St. John as leader for the last four years, many students have been left wondering one thing: Why stop now?

“Yearbook is a year round responsibility,” says Mrs. St. John. Because of budget cuts and the library being asked to assume even more responsibilities this year, having the head librarian lead yearbook is just too much.

Don’t think Mrs. St. John’s experience with the yearbook doesn’t cross her mind. “I miss my students,” she says. “I think about them all the time. We were able to get to know one another on many levels, and we spent a lot of time working together.”

Many wonder what will happen now, but not Mrs. St. John. “I think Mrs. Fox is doing a great job, especially since she is assuming responsibility for such a great task and since she is starting from scratch.” The tone Mrs. St. John uses to answer this question is reassuring.  Although the yearbook staff will have a challenging road ahead of them, this year will be another successful one.


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