Cell Phone Policy Relaxed

Posted: 10/10/2010 by abbyshanor in News
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Most students here at OHCHS would agree that in previous years, the use of cell phones in the building has been an issue. Phones were constantly being confiscated, and students were facing consequences of texting. With the rate of cell phone use growing, especially in teens, the issue of cell phones in schools has become an issue of whether they are a help or distraction.

Cell phones in school can be used to support learning behaviors. For example, students can use the cameras on phones to take pictures of class projects to show their parents, who wouldn’t get to see them otherwise. Phones can also be used to text absent classmates homework and assignments. Most cell phones have built-in planners and calculators, which makes it easier for students to be organized.

Over the summer a new policy was created by the Oxford Hills School District School Board, which allows principals to make their own rules. Mr. Moccia and the rest of the OHCHS Leadership Team formed a policy which states the “use of cell phones is allowed for students in hallways between classes and at lunch.” They made this decision by looking over surveys and opinions from the student body and the faculty. Mr. Moccia says that he already has much more open time due to the new cell phone policy. He also feels that when the  faculty isn’t always having to tell students to put cell phones away or having to confiscate them, it makes for a more positive atmosphere.

Students also agree that they have more positive relationships with teachers because they aren’t always getting into trouble. Teachers think that students are more respectful during class because they know they’ll have a chance to text right after, so they don’t have to sneak it during class. Over all, the new cell phone policy here at OHCHS has been successful so far.


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