Baking an Ultimate Frisbee

Posted: 10/09/2010 by typelle19 in Sports

Do you want to try a new challenge? Do you want to meet new people? Then this sport is right for you.

The sport of Ultimate Frisbee was invented way back in the simple days, when celebrities were only known as strangers who may have made an impact on their way through the town. One hot and snowy day a pastry chef was serving his usual customers. A stranger appeared at his station and was causing a ruckus. The chef living up to his rightful duties asked the man to leave.Cropped version is here.

The man-made a rude comment and stayed right where he was. The chef, who had had enough, grabbed a plate and threw it at the man. The plate flew through the air like a cowboy hat being tossed upon a hook on the wall. With a force of unsuspecting glass hitting his face the man fell off his stool and left out of humiliation. The next couple of days went by and the same man came in and did the same thing. The chef did as well. Finally one day, the man got smart and caught the plate. Then in one quick motion the man flicked it right back at the chef. The chef, unable to believe what he has just seen, got this plate in his face.

The next day the same situation occurred, except the chef was smarter now. He caught the plate this time as well. The plate went back and forth, back and forth within the space of the shop. Finally after a long back and forth volley, it was dropped and broke. The man left soon after and was never seen again. The people who saw this told others of this so-called “pass and catch game”. They soon felt obligated to show others how to do it. Eventually, this game became a team sport, and people started challenging others to test their abilities. Since glass plates broke easily, plastic plates were invented to throw around. Since the shop where it started was named the “Frisbee’s Pastries”, it was only necessary the sport be named Frisbee. The word ‘ultimate’ was later added when the hippies took the sport to higher levels. Only joking, the word ‘ultimate’ was put in when the UFL (Ultimate Frisbee League) was established.

If only the sport was invented that way, oh wait, it was! I exaggerated a bit but close enough. Here at OHCHS, we’ve taken this sport by storm. Brought in by a couple of students and a teacher a couple of years ago, the sport is only just beginning its rise to the top. In the spring of last year, the seniors set up a tournament called the “Turn and Burn Tourney”. Eight teams competed for the title. The teams were assembled from both students and staff. After a day of Frisbee, one team came out victorious, Team Dagger led by captain Gregg Downing.

This sport is more than it just being another way to stay in shape It’s a way to meet new people as well. A teacher here by the name as Mr. Haley commented that it was a great new way to interact with the students. Teachers can meet new students they have never met and build a new friendship, and can also see past students of theirs and reconnect that way. Same way for the students. They can reconnect with old friends and even meet new people and make new friends

So there you have it, a sport that does more than feed your mind. It’s a sport that builds character, friendships, leadership, and charisma. So come out and give it a go.


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