In the Right Bin

Posted: 10/07/2010 by clewis12 in News
International Recycle Symbol

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Many people at OHCHS recycle, but did you know many people don’t know how to recycle or how to help? Students and teachers are stepping up at OHCHS and recycling right in this school. The head janitor at OHCHS, Bud Raymond, agrees that recycling at the school is going well. Students and teachers are aware of putting paper, plastic, metal, building materials, cardboard and more that can be recycled in the right place. Students know this because in every classroom there are recycling boxes that are labeled for bottles and cans and there are blue cans for trash. However, one problem that comes into play sometimes is food separation. “Once food comes in contact with recyclables it’s contaminated.” says Raymond. You want to make sure you don’t put your food in the wrong bin. Look before you actually throw something away.

More information about recycling is available at the Norway Paris Solid Waste Facility and in the main office at OHCHS. Recycling is helping our planet. Even if it’s just a little thing at a time, everyone should contribute.


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